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Workplace Safety Credit Program

Available Discount:  2%




The State of Florida has provided a credit for the creation of a workplace safety program.  A copy of the program must be submitted to the insurance carrier providing coverage for certification. 


In order to qualify for the credit, the program must consist of the following items:


A Written Safety Policy

Accident Investigation

First Aid

Necessary Record Keeping

Preventative Maintenance

Provision for Safety Inspections

Safety Rules

Safety Training


A new application is required every year at the renewal of your workers' compensation insurance policy in order for the credit to continue.


The statutes also provide for the voluntary imposition of a surcharge of up to 10% on the premium of a policyholder that fails to implement a safety program, if that policyholder has been required to implement one.  This is not a common measure, as insurance carriers are more apt to simply cancel for failure to follow safety/loss control recommendations.


We will be glad to assist you with the creation of your workplace safety program.  It is part of the services we provide to all of our clients at Work Comp Associates, Inc.


State Statute reference:  440.1025E
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