Loss Control / WorkPlace Safety:  Frequently Asked Questions...


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What is a Workplace Safety Program Credit?

Currently, the State of Florida allows for a 2% credit for the implementation of a certified workplace safety program.  Per Section 440.1025, the program must include at a minimum:


  • A written safety policy and safety rules

  • Make provision for safety inspections

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Safety training

  • First-aid

  • Accident investigation

  • Necessary recordkeeping.

How often am I required to have safety meetings?

The Department of Financial Services does not have specific guidelines as to how often they must occur, however they do have adopted rules for insurers to utilize in determining employer compliance with the requirements.  The standard that we see required in order to maintain the credit for WorkPlace Safety is quarterly.

Can the State of Florida require my firm to implement a WorkPlace Safety Program?

Yes.  The State of Florida can require the implementation of a Workplace Safety Program.  Further, it has authorized insurance carriers to impose a surcharge of up to 10 percent on the premium of a policyholder or fund member if it has been identified by the Department of Financial Services as having been required to implement a safety program and failed to do so.

What happens if an employee does not follow the guidelines of the written safety manual?

If the causation of the accident is directly related to a failure to comply with the written safety manual, the insurance carrier can choose to deny the claim in its' entirety.

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