Certificates of Insurance:  Frequently Asked Questions...


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What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A certificate of insurance is a document used to provide information on specific insurance coverage.  The certificate provides verification of the insurance and usually contains information on types and limits of coverage, insurance company, policy number, named insured, and the policies' effective periods.

How long is the certificate of insurance good for?

Honestly, the certificate is only good for the day the certificate is issued.  An agent/carrier can issue a certificate of insurance and the next day a cancellation notice could be processed by the carrier for non-payment of premium or other reasons.  If it is for cancellation due to non-payment, the notice can be as short as 10 days.

Is there a way I can verify whether the certificate of insurance is still valid?

The easiest way is to check on the Department of Insurance "Proof of Coverage" database.  This provides information regarding workers' compensation coverage and exemptions from workers' compensation within the State of Florida.  The link is posted here:



Can my agent charge me for issuing a Certificate of Insurance?

No, they cannot.  While there are fees that insurance agents can charge under statute, charging for certificates of insurance is not one of them.  It is a violation of subparagraph 626.9541(1)(o), F.S., which is illegal dealings in premium, excess or reduced charges.

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