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Our Values Drive Our Mission:

"It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are." 


Roy E. Disney

You may have noticed the above quote on every page of our website.  That’s how strongly we believe in it.  

At Work Comp Associates, Inc., our values can be summed up in one word:  integrity.  Everything else flows from that.  

To The Public:

It is the express belief of the management of Work Comp Associates, Inc. that the levels of service, along with the attitudes toward corporate moral and ethical responsibility of most firms has decayed from the levels of previous era's.  These items have been sorely neglected in favor of the bottom line.  Work Comp Associates, Inc. will act upon the basis that our business can and will be successful, but only with an understanding that the social responsibilities of integrity, moral and ethical behavior share the same overall commitment as financial responsibility.

To The Insurance Companies And Community At Large:

Work Comp Associates, Inc. will strive to continue to develop a reputation among the insurance community of professionalism and ethical corporate responsibility.  We will fulfill our responsibility to our companies in developing a relationship that illustrates the companies for what they are; an integral component of the independent agency operation.  The firm will strive to be the agency operation that is held up as the model of a professional independent agency operation.

To Our Employees: 


Without question, the employees that work at Work Comp Associates, Inc. are the lifeblood that keeps the corporation going.  The firm cannot achieve the corporate goals unless the employees keep the best interests of the customers and of the corporation in the forefront of their minds.  This philosophy will only be achieved if the corporation continues to make sure that the best interests of the employees are always the primary concern of the corporation.

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