Agents:  Frequently Asked Questions...


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What is the difference between and "Independent Agent" and a "Direct Writer"?

An independent agent doesn’t work for any single insurance company.  They represent multiple companies and have the ability to "shop" among the carriers they represent to  find you the best coverage and services fit for your operations. 


Agents of a direct writer are not independent; they are employees of the insurance company.  They only have the products and services of the individual carrier that they are employed by.  While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be very limiting if you don't fit into their specific underwriting criteria or have a problem with the carrier.

What is an "Agent of Record" letter?

The "Agent of Record" is the individual or company authorized to represent an insured in the purchase, servicing, and maintenance of insurance coverage with an insurance carrier.


If an insured desires for a new agent to act as their representative, they may have to issue an "Agent of Record" letter to have that agent recognized by the carrier.

Can my agent charge me for issuing a Certificate of Insurance?

No, they cannot.  While there are fees that insurance agents can charge under statute, charging for certificates of insurance is not one of them.  It is a violation of subparagraph 626.9541(1)(o), F.S., which is illegal dealings in premium, excess or reduced charges.

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