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Uncovering the Truth Behind Common OSHA Compliance Mistakes — May 16, 2024

Attend this complimentary virtual event to learn how to avoid some of OSHA's most common compliance mistakes.


Gain Expert Insights:

We’ll explore key regulatory requirements and expose the truth on common OSHA misconceptions on topics including:

• Fall protection guidance for edges, stairs, and ladders

• Forklift operator training and evaluation

• Lockout tagout and machine guarding mistakes

• Hazard communication insights

• Injury and illness recordkeeping myths


In addition to the regulatory requirements, we will also be covering solutions to help dispel compliance myths and avoid violations.


Plus get a chance to receive a complimentary whitepaper. Don’t miss out - register now!


Event type:     Live Webinar         Cost:            Free

Date:                May 16, 2024          Time:           11:00 AM ET

Event Host:    JJ Keller                    Duration:   1 hour



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