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Stay Compliant with Respiratory Protection: Pro-tips to keep your employees breathing safe air — April 10, 2024

You already know that respiratory hazards associated with industrial hygiene (IH) can be complicated and time-consuming.


Stop struggling and join our subject matter experts for an in-depth discussion about common respiratory protection issues and topics affecting both General Industry and Construction workplaces.


We'll cover the details and complexities of these general respiratory protection topics:

• OSHA and Industrial Hygiene

• Workplace Analysis,

• Recognizing and Controlling Hazards,

• Examples of Job Hazards,

• Air Contaminants,

• Chemical Hazards,

• Biological Hazards,

• Physical Hazards, and

• Environmental Hazards.


The last 15 minutes will be saved to answer your questions. Register today and make your next IH sampling or monitoring less painful and more accurate!


Event type:     Live Webinar          Cost:            Free

Date:                April 10, 2024          Time:           11:00 AM ET

Event Host:    JJ Keller                     Duration:    1 hour


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