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How to Keep Your Workplace Safe in the Age of Legal Cannabis

September 22, 2023

As more states legalize marijuana, the question of when and how employers should screen for impairment becomes more pressing.

It seems like ages ago when, back around 1985, Concentra implemented a drug testing policy for its employees. They wanted to ensure employees who were providing care to patients weren’t impaired while at work. So they screened for drugs like marijuana.

That was the common practice back then. Many employers wouldn’t think twice about conducting random drug screenings. Now, as more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana and employers fight for talent, many are starting to rethink their policies.

“We’re sticking to our guns right now. We still have a zero tolerance policy,” said Dr. John R. Anderson, executive vice president and chief medical officer with Concentra. “But [a lot of companies are] starting to talk about whether or not this [type of] policy is in [their] best interest, especially … in states where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is legal.”


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