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Fall Prevention: Best Practices for the 3 Main Types of Hazards — May 16, 2024

To help prevent injuries and create a safe working environment, employers are required to identify hazards in their facilities. But how you go about that is the tough part.


During this webinar, J. J. Keller experts will explain the three main types of hazards that cause falls: unsafe environment, unsafe equipment and unsafe behavior.


They’ll also cover three fall prevention strategies:

·        Eliminating hazards

·        Using passive methods (guardrails, covers, fall-restraint systems)

·        Using administrative controls (safety monitors, warning lines, designated areas)


If these aren’t enough to prevent a fall, employers must provide workers with a personal fall arrest system and train them how to use it … and this webinar will cover exactly how to do that!


Event type:     Live Webinar         Cost:            Free

Date:                May 16, 2024          Time:           2:00 PM ET

Event Host:    Safety+Health        Duration:   1 hour



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