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Return to Work Program: How to Get Injured Workers Back on the Job

As an employer, one of your most important assets are the people that make your work possible: your employees. When an incident happens on the job, it can be challenging to see an employee sidelined by an injury. Planning to get them back to work can be even harder. An effective return to work program is one of the best ways to retain an injured worker. It creates flexible work options for an employee while they are recovering and helps you save on your claims costs.

Steve Summers, a Field Service Manager (FSM) at Missouri Employers Mutual, works with policyholders to help them develop solutions after a claim. Summers became an FSM a few years after joining MEM in 2007. As a liaison between employers and MEM claims management staff, Summers works to improve overall claim outcomes. Developing a return to work program is one of the top methods Summers recommends for getting your employees back on the job.

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