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Younger Workers and the Mistakes They Make

We all remember what it felt like to enter the workforce, especially the first time we landed a “real” job on a construction site or in some kind of industrial facility. We were handling serious work and earning serious money for it. We were strong, energetic, eager, and much smarter than those “old guys” around us — or so we thought.

Now that we’re one of the “old guys” (or gals) on the job, we found ourselves working with newcomers to our workplaces. While we appreciate their energy and eagerness, we also see that familiar delusion that they’re smarter than everyone they encounter.

However, we know something they don’t, and that’s the fact that it’s not unusual for younger workers to be injured on the job during their first few months of work. As their supervisors, we bear responsibility for making sure that they don’t become a statistic. We need to help them understand the owner’s or employer’s safety culture, and encourage them to take responsibility for their own safety.

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