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Safety—New OSHA Safe & Sound Campaign

Focus on safety at your company so your employees are not one of the four million injured each year. This keeps your employees productive at work and at home. It helps your employees and your business succeed. Having an effective safety program is key, and contains these three elements:

1. Management Leadership – Management must be committed to creating and maintaining a safe workplace.

2. Worker Participation – Employees are the ones that see the hazards in the workplace first hand. They are usually the ones who also know how to reduce or eliminate those hazards.

3. A systematic find and fix approach – Be proactive to identify and correct hazards before an accident happens

Every year, more than 4,500 workers die as a result of a workplace accident. Another 4.1 million are injured on the job, many of them seriously. When an employee is injured, there are many more costs that simply the medical and lost wage costs that you see paid by your insurance company. There are the costs that you pay in:

1. Taking the employee for treatment

2. Investigating the accident, and your employees stopping to talk about the accident.

3. Training other employees to fill in and/or paying overtime to have them cover additional duties.

4. Repairing or replacing your damaged equipment.

5. Analyzing and taking corrective actions to prevent similar accidents in the future.

6. Following up with the injured employee, insurance company and doctors until the employee is back to work.

7. Increased workers’ compensation insurance costs for years.

To read more about the OSHA Safe & Sound Campaign, click here:

Don’t become part of the statistic. Become part of the prevention. Implement a workplace safety program, with the help of WCA. We can provide you with everything to get started and the applications for a 2% Workplace Safety Program premium credit.

If you have questions, please call us at (561) 500-FLWC (3592).

This is one of the extra services provided by Work Comp Associates, Inc.

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