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A Safe Workplace Starts with the Hiring Process

Taking the time to hire the right person for your available position is worth the time and expense. It takes a lot of time and money to train new hires. If they are not right for position, you are wasting that time and money. The wrong hire can also affect employee morale and safety. They can be injured or injure other employees. Taking extra time to screen the potential employees at the start can go a long way toward a successful hire.

Implement a hiring process and stick to it. By having a system in place, you will be more efficient and organized.

  • Where will you list your job openings?

  • What will your base job listing say?

  • What will you add to your base job listing for different departments of your business?

  • Develop a list of the job duties, including the physical requirements for your positions.

  • Design an informative employment application.

These are the first steps toward finding qualified candidates for your open positions. Once you find a qualified candidate, there are another series of steps to take. Look for these in next month’s WCA Shout Out.

If you have questions, please call us at (561) 500-FLWC (3592).

This is one of the extra services provided by Work Comp Associates, Inc.

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