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Class Codes & Rates:

Class Code:


Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:
Code 6006F includes all pile driving and the construction of all jetties, breakwaters, seawalls, groynes (rigid structures built out from a shore to protect the shore from erosion), dikes, revetments, bulkheads, wharfs, docks, and piers, etc., performed around all bodies of water whether navigable or not. A jetty involves substantially more construction than either a dike or a levee in that it must extend into a body of water. A jetty will extend from the shore out into the water and will be constructed of heavy timber cribbing filled with boulders or heavy stones. Frequently, a jetty built of stones or boulders will be topped off with an asphalt surface or with concrete.
Rate per $100. of Renumeration:  $
Construction Exemption Required:

Please see the attached graph for the 25 year rate history of this workers' compensation class code in the State of Florida .


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