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Class Codes & Rates:

Class Code:


Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:
Code 4432 is applied to insureds engaged in the manufacture of fountain pens, ballpoint pens and automatic or mechanical pencils. Precious metal and nonprecious sheet metal stock, plating solutions, pen points or nibs, pencil lead, plastic tubing, ink, hollow brass rods, carbide tungsten balls, polystyrene, butyrate or tenite granules or pellets, polystyrene packaging film, cardboard and boxes are received from others. The manufacture of gold or silver fountain pens and mechanical pencils usually requires individual workmanship on each item. Much of the work for the precious metal or metal products is done on small, slow-moving presses. Some parts may be produced by an automatic screw machine process. All parts, including the fountain pen plastic tubing, which has been cut to length, are assembled by hand or machine. Usually, a high proportion of employees are engaged in finishing operations, i.e., plating, buffing, polishing, inspecting and packaging.
Rate per $100. of Renumeration:  $
Construction Exemption Required:

Please see the attached graph for the 25 year rate history of this workers' compensation class code in the State of Florida .


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