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Class Codes & Rates:

Class Code:


Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:
Code 2576 applies to the manufacture of large and small products that are produced from canvas, duck, or synthetic water-resistant fabrics. This classification includes the manufacture of products such as, but not limited to, awnings, tents, tarpaulins, laundry bags, knapsacks, barracks bags, newspaper carrying bags, aprons and bags for carrying tools of the building trades, feed bags, and water bags provided these products are manufactured using the materials noted or materials that are analogous to the listed materials. Powered material cutters, sewing machines, grommet equipment, pipe and bar stock cutters, and threaders may be utilized to fabricate these products.
Rate per $100. of Renumeration:  $
Construction Exemption Required:

Please see the attached graph for the 25 year rate history of this workers' compensation class code in the State of Florida .


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