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Worker Caught in Conveyor Belt at Georgia Plant While Retrieving Earbuds

March 3, 2024


An investigation is underway after a worker at a golf cart manufacturer in Georgia was caught in a conveyor belt and fatally injured.


Multiple news reports said a contract worker, Alyssa Drinkard, age 21, had dropped one or more of her Apple AirPod earbuds. When she attempted to retrieve them, she was caught by a chain and was trapped beneath the conveyor belt at the facility in Evans, Georgia.


Maintenance personnel attempted to stop the machine, but it was too late to save the woman, who died at a local hospital, the Augusta Press and other news outlets reported. Rescue workers had to cut a metal frame on the machine to extricate Drinkard, a sheriff’s report indicated.


An employee of the facility said that workers had previously been cautioned to avoid wearing jewelry and headphones, the newspaper reported. Apple, the maker of AirPod earbuds, warns in its user guide that “Using AirPods in some circumstances may distract you or impact your awareness of your surroundings…Always remain aware of your environment during use. Obey applicable laws and regulations on the use of headphones and earphones while operating a moving vehicle or bicycle, heavy machinery, or in other situations requiring attention to safety.”



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