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OSHA's New Walkaround Representative Rule: What you can do, cannot do, and how to prepare — May 22, 2024

OSHA's new worker representative rule is set to go into effect May 31. Employees can request a non-employee representative to join portions of an OHSA inspection. This can be a union representative, even at a non-union workplace.


We’ll review what OSHA said and provide an unbiased review of what this rule means, and where it leaves uncertainty.


Among other topics, this presentation will cover:

• What employers can do, such as get nondisclosure agreements

• What employers cannot do, such as challenge OSHA’s determinations

• What employers should be doing to protect themselves, including training managers

to avoid unfair labor practice charges


A Q&A session will be held during the last part of the webcast, so bring your questions!


Event type:    Live Webinar         Cost:            Free

Date:               May 22, 2024          Time:           2:00 PM ET

Event Host:   JJ Keller                    Duration:    1 hour



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