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Forklift Compliance: Inspection Requirements, Training, and FAQs — May 7, 2024

Accidents involving forklifts, motorized pallet jacks and other powered industrial trucks contribute to thousands of injuries in workplaces each year, costing companies millions in terms of fines, workers’ comp costs and lost productivity.

If your employees use this equipment, accidents and violations are a constant – and very real – threat.


Join us as we answer tough questions regarding forklift safety and compliance related to:

• The scope of OSHA’s PIT standard

• Training – who, when, what, and by whom

• Inspections and maintenance

• Attachments/modifications

• Operational issues

• Personnel lifting platforms

• And much more!


Last, this event will include a live Q&A session. Bring your forklift questions!


Event type:     Live Webinar          Cost:            Free

Date:                May 7, 2024             Time:           2:00 PM ET

Event Host:    JJ Keller                     Duration:    1 hour



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