Why People Don’t Wear PPE and How to Get Them to Start – On Demand

There are a number of excuses that employees give for not wearing their PPE, but what happens when the excuses aren’t just excuses? This short webinar identifies some of the reasons PPE fails, provides solutions to getting employees to wear it, and outlines the essential elements of a PPE program.

Considering 98% of workers have witnessed their colleagues performing activities without PPE when they should have been wearing it, it’s not a hidden problem. There are many factors that need to be considered when planning a PPE program and this webinar covers everything you need to know in a limited amount of time.

This ten-minute webinar:

  • Identifies the main excuses people give for not wearing PPE and provides solutions for how to get them to start;

  • Uncovers the top three reasons that PPE fails and preventative measures that can ensure it doesn’t; and

  • Reveals the information vital to starting a PPE program.

Event Type: On Demand Webinar Cost: Free

Event Host: SafeStart Duration: 10 minutes

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