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Transforming Safety Culture Through Employee Engagement: 7 Steps to Success — Feb. 8, 2024

A robust health and safety culture, driven by employee engagement, creates a resilient workplace where every team member contributes to maintaining a secure and healthy environment.


However, engaging employees in health and safety initiatives can be challenging. Overcoming resistance to change, instilling a sense of personal responsibility and ensuring consistent participation are common hurdles that can derail engagement efforts.


Join this webinar, titled "Transforming Safety Culture Through Employee Engagement: 7 Steps to Success,” and hear from environmental, health and safety experts as they shed light on successful employee engagement initiatives, offering valuable insights into their implementation and impact.


The webinar will showcase how these measures not only help prevent incidents but also underscore the organization’s unwavering commitment to employee well-being.


By attending this webinar, you’ll gain:

An understanding of the intricacies involved in fostering a safety culture through strategic employee engagement.

Effective strategies for empowering employees in health and safety initiatives based on real-world, tried and tested programs.

Practical insights into leveraging technology to amplify employee engagement, streamline processes and make safety information more accessible.


Reserve your seat today!


Event type:     Live Webinar          Cost:            Free

Date:                Feb. 8, 2024             Time:           2:00 PM ET

Event Host:    Safety+Health        Duration:    1 hour

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