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Silica for the Engineered Stone Industry — Feb. 1, 2024

Silica exposure risks are much greater when working with engineered stone, as it contains up to 95% crystalline silica, while natural stone contains 5-50%.


When inhaled, very small crystalline silica particles expose workers to the risk of silicosis, an incurable, progressively disabling and sometimes fatal lung disease. Unsafe silica dust exposure can also lead to chronic diseases.


Join us as we review OSHA Standard 1910.1053 and the newly launched OSHA initiative focused on enhancing enforcement and providing compliance assistance to protect workers in the engineered stone fabrication and installation industries, as well as ways to protect workers from silica exposure.


Event type:     Live Webinar          Cost:            Free

Date:                Feb. 1, 2024             Time:           1:00 PM ET

Event Host:    SafeX                         Duration:    1 hour

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