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Boosting Efficiency While Cutting Costs: Learn to Leverage Online Worker Orientations — May 1, 2024

Explore the benefits of shifting to digital onboarding and orientation methods to boost your organization's productivity and decrease expenses.


This webinar is designed for those in safety, training, and human resources roles looking to transform their orientation and onboarding strategies. Gain knowledge from experts who will share key best practices and technologies that help save resources.


Topics include the key benefits such as improved employee involvement and safety outcomes through an effective integration into the company's best practices, safety protocols, worksite navigation, and beyond. Attend this session to tap into the advantages of digital onboarding and propel your organization forward.


Event type:     Live Webinar          Cost:            Free

Date:                May 1, 2024             Time:           2:00 PM ET

Event Host:    OH&S                        Duration:    1 hour



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