Continuing Education Courses available to licensed Contractors

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is an authorized provider for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for those entities listed below. Credit hours will be awarded for those licensees who participate:

Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB):

Provider Number: 0004354,

1 CEU for each subject

Workers' Compensation Classroom

Course #: 0010118

Webinar Course #: 609341

Workplace Safety Classroom

Course #: 0010630

Webinar Course #: 609342

Electrical Contractor Licensing Board (ECLB):

Provider Number: 0004684

1 CEU for each subject

Workers' Compensation Classroom

Course #: 008264

Webinar Course #: 800543

Workplace Safety Classroom

Course #: 008263

Webinar Course #: 800544

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