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Reduce Your Claims Costs— Keep them away from attorneys

Yes, some injured employees hire an attorney to just try to make money off their injury. But, that is not the reason for most employees who hire an attorney. After an employee is injured, they don’t know what to expect. They are worried. Questions constantly run through their head. Who will pay my bills? How will I get better quickly? When will I be better? Will I lose my job? The actions you take can answer these questions right up front and prevent the anxiety.

When your employee is injured, take them for medical treatment. Show you care. While you wait, talk to them about what to expect. Tell them that all the medical bills and prescriptions will be paid by the insurance company. An adjuster will contact them to see how their initial treatment went and set a follow-up appointment. Tell them you want them back to work as soon as the doctor says they are ready.

The next day, call them to see how they are doing. Explain to them what to expect for lost wages. Explain to them if you will have light duty work available for them once they are released to return to work. Give them a short brochure to explain things in writing for them to refer back to:

  1. What to expect for the payment of their medical bills and prescriptions.

  2. Explain briefly how the workers’ compensation insurance system works and the penalties for fraud.

  3. Explain that you care about your employees, want to see them healed quickly and back to work as soon as possible.

  4. Discuss that you will not tolerate abuse of the system.

  5. Tell them that an adjuster will contact them to coordinate their care and give them information on:

  6. The insurance company

  7. The phone number

  8. The mailing address

  9. Their claim number

  10. Explain how and when they will receive wage benefits.

  11. Give the employee peace of mind that their job is safe. You want them to return to work as quickly as you can and will help in any way possible. Explain how you will assist them in returning to work by describing your light duty work program.

Stay in contact with the employee on a regular basis. Create a feeling of trust and compassion. Let them know they can come to you:

1. If they seek workplace hazards

2. When they are injured

3. If they have a concern about their treatment

4. If they receive medical bills

5. When they are ready to return to work

6. After they return to work.

7. Any time they need assistance.

Talk about the workers’ compensation system on a regular basis with your employees. Take the mystery out of the process. Treat your employees as you would a member of your family. You will all benefit.

WCA is here to help you design an effective program. Don’t hesitate to ask for our help. If you have questions, please call us at (561) 500-FLWC (3592).

This is one of the extra services provided by Work Comp Associates, Inc.

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