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Class Code:


Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:
Code 4740 is applied to insureds engaged in the refining of various crude petroleum oils and the drawing off of the petroleum factions which are natural gas, ligroin, gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, fuel oil, lubricating oil and petrochemicals derived from natural or refinery gases or the cracking of petroleum. Crude oils or partially distilled crude oils are received from others via tank cars, or the oils may be piped in from central storage tank farms. Also, tetraethyl lead and catalysts such as sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids and other additives are received from others. At the refinery, some straight-run gasoline may be produced from the crude oil by distillation without the use of cracking or other chemical conversion processes. This preliminary refining operation also may be performed at an oil production location, usually by separate or contract crews. In this operation, known as topping or skimming, the lighter factions containing the gasoline and naphtha are separated from the heavier fuel oil. The lighter products are shipped to a refinery and the residue of the lower faction is sold as fuel oil. Topping operations, regardless of where performed, are contemplated within the scope of this classification.
Rate per $100. of Renumeration:  $
Construction Exemption Required:

Please see the attached graph for the 25 year rate history of this workers' compensation class code in the State of Florida .


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