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Class Codes & Rates:

Farm - Nursery Employees & Drivers

Farm: Gardening - Market or Truck - & Drivers

Fruit Picking By Contractors & Drivers

Farm - Florist & Drivers

Farm: Field Crops & Drivers

Landscape Gardening and Drivers

Gove Caretaking by Contractors & Drivers

Orchard And Grove Owners And Operators - All Operations & Drivers

Vineyard & Drivers

Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing - All Operations & Drivers

Farm: Fish Hatchery & Drivers

Lawn Or Shrub Spraying & Drivers

Berry Farm & Drivers

Irrigation Works Operation & Drivers

Residential Cleaning Services By Contractor - Inside

Stone Cutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers

Mica Goods Mfg. & Mica Preparing

Wire Drawing or Cable Mfg.

Die Casting Mfg.

Grain or Feed Milling

Cereal or Bar Mfg.

Ice Cream Mfg. & Drivers

Candy, Chocolate, and Confection Mfg.

Milk Products Mfg. NOC

Packing House - All Operations

Meat Products Mfg. NOC

Fruit Packing

Pickle Mfg.

Cannery NOC

Fruit Evaporating or Preserving

Citrus Products Processing & Drivers

Brewery & Drivers

Bottling - All Operations & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Cotton Batting, Wadding or Waste Mfg.

Yarn or Thread Mfg - Cotton

Wool Spinning and Weaving

Felting Mfg.

Silk Thread or Yarn Mfg.

Textile Fiber Mfg. - Synthetic

Hosiery Mfg.

Knit Goods Mfg. NOC

Webbing Mfg.

Embroidery Mfg.

Carpet or Rug Mfg. NOC

Textile - Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Finishing

Yarn or Thread Dyeing or Finishing

Cloth Printing

Cloth, Canvas and Related Products Mfg. NOC

Dressmaking or Tailoring - Custom Exclusively

Feather or Flower Mfg. - Artificial

Mattres or Box Spring Mfg.

Laundry NOC & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Cleaning or Dyeing & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Towel or Toilet Supply Co. & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Store - Retail - & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Leather Mfg. - Including Tanning, Leather Embossing, and Wool Pulling

Shoe Stock Mfg.

Boot or Shoe Mfg. NOC

Glove Mfg. - Leather or Textile

Luggage Mfg.

Leather Goods Mfg. NOC

Clearing of Right-of-Way - Electric, Power, Telephone, Burglar or Fire Alarm Lines: Tree Removal

Veneer Mfg.

Planing or Molding Mill

Furniture Stock Mfg.

Pallet, Box or Box Shook Mfg. Wooden

Pattern Making NOC

Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Manufacturing - Shop Work - All Operations & Drivers

Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Setup, Hookup, or Installation at Building Site

Carpentry - Shop Only - & Drivers

Brush or Broom Assembly