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Class Codes & Rates:

Farm - Nursery Employees & Drivers

Farm: Gardening - Market or Truck - & Drivers

Fruit Picking By Contractors & Drivers

Farm - Florist & Drivers

Farm: Field Crops & Drivers

Landscape Gardening and Drivers

Gove Caretaking by Contractors & Drivers

Orchard And Grove Owners And Operators - All Operations & Drivers

Vineyard & Drivers

Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing - All Operations & Drivers

Farm: Fish Hatchery & Drivers

Lawn Or Shrub Spraying & Drivers

Berry Farm & Drivers

Irrigation Works Operation & Drivers

Residential Cleaning Services By Contractor - Inside

Stone Cutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers

Mica Goods Mfg. & Mica Preparing

Wire Drawing or Cable Mfg.

Die Casting Mfg.

Grain or Feed Milling

Cereal or Bar Mfg.

Ice Cream Mfg. & Drivers

Candy, Chocolate, and Confection Mfg.

Milk Products Mfg. NOC

Packing House - All Operations

Meat Products Mfg. NOC

Fruit Packing

Pickle Mfg.

Cannery NOC

Fruit Evaporating or Preserving

Citrus Products Processing & Drivers

Brewery & Drivers

Bottling - All Operations & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Cotton Batting, Wadding or Waste Mfg.

Yarn or Thread Mfg - Cotton

Wool Spinning and Weaving

Felting Mfg.

Silk Thread or Yarn Mfg.

Textile Fiber Mfg. - Synthetic

Hosiery Mfg.

Knit Goods Mfg. NOC

Webbing Mfg.

Embroidery Mfg.

Carpet or Rug Mfg. NOC

Textile - Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Finishing

Yarn or Thread Dyeing or Finishing

Cloth Printing

Cloth, Canvas and Related Products Mfg. NOC

Dressmaking or Tailoring - Custom Exclusively

Feather or Flower Mfg. - Artificial

Mattres or Box Spring Mfg.

Laundry NOC & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Cleaning or Dyeing & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Towel or Toilet Supply Co. & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Store - Retail - & Route Supervisors, Drivers

Leather Mfg. - Including Tanning, Leather Embossing, and Wool Pulling

Shoe Stock Mfg.

Boot or Shoe Mfg. NOC

Glove Mfg. - Leather or Textile

Luggage Mfg.

Leather Goods Mfg. NOC

Clearing of Right-of-Way - Electric, Power, Telephone, Burglar or Fire Alarm Lines: Tree Removal

Veneer Mfg.

Planing or Molding Mill

Furniture Stock Mfg.

Pallet, Box or Box Shook Mfg. Wooden

Pattern Making NOC

Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Manufacturing - Shop Work - All Operations & Drivers

Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Setup, Hookup, or Installation at Building Site

Carpentry - Shop Only - & Drivers

Brush or Broom Assembly

Brush or Broom Mfg. NOC

Woodenware Manufacturing NOC

Furniture Manufacturing and Cabinet Shop - Assembly by Hand - Wood

Furniture Manufacturing and Cabinet Shop - Wood - NOC

Veneer Products Mfg.

Veneer Products Mfg.

Wood Preserving & Drivers

Pipe or Tube Mfg. - Iron or Steel - & Drivers

Iron or Steel - Fabrication - Ironworks or Steelworks - Shop - Structural - & Drivers

Iron or Steel - Fabrication - Ironworks - Shop - Ornamental - & Drivers

Iron or Steel - Fabrication - Ironworks - Shop - Decorative or Artistic & Foundries, Drivers

Elevator or Escalator Mfg.

Sign Manufacturing - Metal

Sheet Metal Products Mfg. - Shop Only

Tool Mfg. - Not Drop or Machine Forged NOC

Tool Mfg. - Drop or Machine Forged NOC: Machining or Finishing of Tools or Die Making Operations

Cutlery Mfg. NOC

Tool Mfg. - Agricultural, Construction, Logging, Mining, Oil or Artesian Well

Button or Fastener Mfg. - Metal

Nut or Bolt Mfg.

Hardware Mfg. NOC

Radiator or Heater Mfg.

Electrical Apparatus Mfg. NOC

Electric or Gas Lighting Fixtures Mfg.

Plumbers' Supplies Mfg. NOC

Lamp or Portable Lantern Mfg.

Enamel or Agate Ware Mfg.

Aluminum Ware Mfg.

Wire Rope or Cable Mfg. - Iron or Steel

Wire Drawing - Iron or Steel

Wire Cloth Mfg.

Wire Goods Mfg. NOC

Eyelet Mfg.

Bed Spring or Wire Mattress Mfg.

Spring Mfg.

Heat - Treating - Metal

Brass or Copper Goods Mfg.

Type Foundry

Welding or Cutting NOC & Drivers